October Vol 5 Issue 10

A Theoritical Study on Affiliate Marketing For Business Startegy

*Ms. Shreekritha **Ms. Supriya. Jakati

A Study applying DCF Technique for valuing Indian IPOs Case Studies of CCD

*Shrashti Sahu

A Study of Employees Marginal Utility at Work

*Mr. Arjun C. Thorat

A Study on Service Quality Gap between Expectation and Perception of Customers of Life Insurance Corporation of India in Pune City

*Prof.GaneshWaghmare **Dr.RameshSardar

An Empirical Study on Impact of the Emotional Intelligence Levels of Employees on Their Job Satisfaction in Cement Industry

*Dr. Kiran Kumar Thoti **V. Narendhra

Brand Switching In Telecom Industry

*Harsh Arya

Comparative Analysis of Cloud Computing

*Mr. Atish Aitawade **Mr. Srinivas R

Emerging Trends in Derivative Market Trading in India A Study on BSE

*Md Asif ur Rahman ** Dr. Khyser Mohd

Financial Services Provided By the India Post An Overview


Goods and Services Tax (GST) A Game- Changer for India

*Dr. J.Murthy

Greenery of Green Marketing Strategies of Indian Companies

*Dr. V Vijay Durga Prasad **U Ravi Kiran ***G Sai Srinivas Murthy

Impact of Physical, Human and Research Resources on the Profitability Case Study of Indian Pharma Companies

*Vikas Gupta **Kiran Kumar K V

Initiatives and Impact of Financial Inclusion in India

*Dr V. Basil Hans

Job involvement and job satisfaction An Empirical investigation

*Joiceswarnalatha.R **A.Vani

Job stress and Burnout in Career Satisfaction with relevance to the Information Technology sector

*Ms. Coral Barboza

Physical Therapy Heat ICE Packs and Their Information Sources in Physical Education and Sports

*Sreedhara Yadav G V **Dr. Anil Singh