November Vol 4 Issue 11

Employee Satisfaction With Reference to Performance Appraisal System at Nuclear Fuel Complex

* V. Narendra Kumar ** Dr. A. Sandhya Rani

Employee Selection Issues in Ramayana Relevance to Modern Times

* K. Venkateswarlu ** NVS Anil Kumar

Evaluation of the Perception and Buying Behaviour of the Consumers towards Organic Food in India

* Dr. Sangeetha Natarajan

Export Concerns Affecting the Indian Rubber Industry

* Rajsekhar Banerjee ** Dr. Malhar Kolhatkar

Human Predicament A Conviction of Isolation and Randomness

* Dr. Rubina Verma ** Dr Arvind Kr. Shukla

Patient as a Medical Consumer in the Medical Industry Market in India

* Dr. Francis Jose ** Ms. Smitha Poulose

The Effect of Organisational Culture and its Relationship to Job Motivations in Southern Railway Workshop Ponmalai, Tiruchirappalli

* J. Daniel ** Dr. G.Gnanaraj

The Green Gap (The Difference between Consumers Environmental Concerns and Ecological Deeds)

* Dr. Sudhir Sachdev