March Vol 6 Issue 3

A Pragmatic Study on the Factors Contributing To Customer Behavior in Purchasing Durable Products

*Chethana P Katti

A Study on Personal Problems Of Retailers In Virudhunagar District

*Prof. M. Gurusamy **Dr. M. Anbalagan

A Study on the Impact of Organization Citizenship Behavior among Acdamecians in Kakinada, East Godavri District

*K. Pavan Kumar **Gowrabhathini. Jitendra

Factors Affecting the Demand for Life Insurance

*Dr.Saravanan Devadoss

Micro Finance Institutional Sustain to Bhutan Progress Bank

*A.Jayabal **Dr. P. Maria Doss *** D.Queen Victoria

Options as a Tool for Portfolio Management A Study

*Dr. Manish Kant Arya **Ruchi Maheshwari

Perceived Organizational Climate and its Influence on Job Satisfaction of the Employees

*J. Rini Ann **Dr. A. John Peter

WORKFORCE ANALYTICS A Strategic Tool for Competitive Advantage toan Organisation

*Jyothi M N **Dimple B N