June Vol 7 Issue 6

Antimicrobial Activities of Medicinal Plants

*Dr.K. S. Manjunatha

Drug Discovery and Development

*Dr.K. S. Manjunatha

Eslicarbazepine Acetate and Tablet Formulations

*Dr.K. S. Manjunatha

A Study of Various Factors Influencing In Life Insurance Corporation

*Tanuja Vikas Dubey

Challenges for Developing Tourism in Awi Zone

*Tadesse Bekele Hailu ** Getaneh Addis Tessema

Impact of University Citizenship Behaviour on the Performances of Under Graduate and Post Graduate Students of B-Schools in Bangalore City

*Prof. Ameer Asra Ahmed **Mr. Chetan T.R. ***Dr. B.R. Venkatesh

A Study on Employees Motivation in TANFAC Chemicals Industries limited Company, Cuddalore

*Dr. I. Savarimuthu          ** A. Jareena Begum

A Study on Services Nature and Customer Expectations and Perceptions regarding Service Quality

*Dr. L. SanthanaRaj **N. Dhivya