June Vol 4 Issue 6

A Study of Supplier Evaluation with Reference to Logistic and Communication (with Reference to Auto Component Industry)

* Dr. Dattatry Ramchandra Mane

A Study on Management Functional Areas in Home Management

* Arivanandham. K ** Suba. A

A Study on the Perception of Women in Kolkata towards Shampoo

* Ritika Bhimani ** Supriyo Patra

Business Analysis through Stochastic Modeling A Theoretical View

*R.M.Lavanya **Prof.R.Abbaiah

Empirical Investigation on Bonds Mutual Funds and their Influence due to National Economic Event

* Shailesh Tandon ** (Dr) Akanssha Nigam *** Prof (Dr) Bobby W Lyall

Lean Management in Modern Retail Outlet (With special reference to Food World)

* Rajni Sinha

Mid Day Meal Scheme in Gajapati District of Odisha

* S. Kameswar Rao

Rural Consumer Behaviour towards Cosmetics [A Study With Reference to Women in Omalur Taluk)

* Dr. K. Krishnakumar ** S. Kavitha *** R. Sakthi

Students Motivation Vis a Vis Internal Marketing A Study on Students of a Private University

* Rahul Agarwal

Teachers Role in Social Change

* Dr. Shruti Agrawal ** Suma Mathew