July Vol 5 Issue 7

A Study of HR Policies and Professional Communication at Widlass Healthcare Pvt Ltd

*Dr. Rubina Verma **Dr. Arvind Kr Shukla

A Study on Consumer Preference towards Skincare with Special Reference to Himalaya Herbal Products in Nilambur at Malappuram District of Kerala

*Dr. A. Jaganathan **Dr. K. Palanichamy

A Study on the Evolution of the Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility in India From Charity to Legal Compliance

*Mrs. P.S.Swathi

Consumer perception and retail store attributes A Review

*M.Rampier **Dr.M.Lakshmibala

Green Entrepreneurship for Green Economy An Overview

* Dr. P.Subramanyachary **Mr. R. Sarath kumar

Management of Liability Risk in Insurance

* RK Gaba

What predicts capital structure An empirical analysis of top companies in colombo stock exchange

*Ahamed Lebbe Abdul Rauf **H. A. C. N. Hapangama