February Vol 4 Issue 2

A Comparative Assessment of Two Important Destinations in India in an IPA Framework

* Debasis Bhattacharya **Shuvendu Dey

A Logistic Model of Internet Shopping Adoption

* Dr.S.Arulkumar

A Study on Buying Behavioral Pattern Regarding B Segment Cars in Bangalore

*Mrs. N.Priya ** Dr. A.Ravi

A Study on Onion Cultivators Satisfaction towards Middlemen in Perambalur District

* Dr. G.Vincent

A Study on the Financial Performance of Cement Companies in Asset Management in South India from 1995 96 to 2013 14

* G.Amudha * * Dr.P. Stanly Joseph Maicheal Raj

Consumer Awareness on E Tailing A Study With Reference To Rural Students Studying In City Colleges

*N. Maria Joseph **Dr. S. Lourdu Initha

Evaluation of Hospital Performance

*Mrs. B. Hannah **Dr. B.J. Parimala Kalarani

Foreign direct investment policy issues, trends and prospects

*Dr. Haresh Barot

Momentous Explored Gap in Entrepreneurial Self Efficacy an Observational Study

*S.Jegadeeswari **Dr.N.Brindha

The Factors that Affect the Work Environment of a Dentist inside the Dental Clinic

* Vindha Paul ** Dr.C.S.Ramanigopal