August Vol 4 Issue 8

Accident Profile and Traffic Management of Kerala

* Dr. V. Sree Devi ** Mr. B.V. Sree Kumar

An Overview of Supply Chain Management on Apparel Order Process in Garment Industries, Bangalore

* Mr. J. Dhesinghraja ** Mr. M. Sendhilkumar

Analysis of Power Sector in India

* Dr. Shankar T. Battase ** Smt. Sunanda Shankar

Challenges, Trends and the Road Ahead for the Retail Industry

* Prof.(Dr.) Rashmi Gujrati

CSR Practices and Sustainability of Health Care Organizations

* Mrs. Preeti Desai ** Dr. Meena R Chandawarkar

Impact and Challenges of Merger and Acquisition in Nepalese Banking and Financial Institutions

* Dr. J K Raju ** Mr. Manjunath B R *** Ms. Hema Dhakal

Role of Talent Managers in a VUCA Environment

* Prof TrilokNath Shukla ** Deeksha Pattanaik *** Rishabh Maity

Work to Family Conflicts A Conceptual Understanding of the Impacts of Performance Pressure on the Family Life of Indian Software Professionals

* Leena Francis ** Dr. Joseph Sebastian Thekedam