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Articles can be submitted throughout the year.

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Journal of Exclusive Management Science (JEMS) is an international peer blind reviewed journal. It will be published on-line and print every month.
JEMS provides a unique platform to scholars, academicians, practitioners, and business managers to share their valuable knowledge and experience. It promotes education and research bringing people from the academia and business world closer so that they can share the latest developments in the fields of Management science. It also aims to facilitate better understanding among policymakers and stakeholders education and research.

The vision of the journal is to present a scholastic platform to scholars all over the world to publish their novel, original, empirical and high quality research work. The editorial board would like to publish research papers/articles from scholars pertaining to recent developments and practices in international business, finance, banking, service marketing, corporate governance, social responsibility, insurance and emerging paradigms of theories and practices in them.

Articles which are reviewed and accepted have a twin advantage of being published in an on-line journal and in a printed journal.